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Fourth day @ Stubby

All the photos in one place!

There will be videos and more pictures uploaded over the next week so please come back and have a look and leave comments.

After room inspections, we went to the classic that is Earthquake, which is an assault course where you have to use teamwork to save the babies. This afternoon we did ‘Eggstreme’ challenge where we had to fling an egg without it cracking.

This evening we had our very own talent show – The S Factor. We have been learning the songs all week with our house captain. The winning house was Owls in second place was Foxes. We have had an amazing, full packed week here at Stubbington and we can’t wait to tell you all about it when we get home!

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Third night @ Stubby

All the photos in one place!

We left comments last night they can be found here

After room inspection yesterday, where the Owl girls received 17 points out of 20 – the highest across all three schools, we headed to our mammal hotels with fingers crossed.

As you can see from the pictures there were some disappointments, but they were quickly forgotten by the 3 hotels that did have guests. They were named Jessica, Cola and Cheeky Sprite. Cheeky Sprite was very lively long-tailed field mouse, who escaped!! The other two mice were very young and we had an opportunity to learn about them by measuring and drawing them. A lot of excitement for one morning!

In the afternoon, we took an exciting trip to the beach. We had the chance to create our very own rockpools! It was amazing. After that, we had a Halloween Art competition and a hunt for fossils. During the fossil hunt, we managed to find 70 million-year-old fossils. Three shark teeth were found along with fossilised stingray teeth, and these are quite rare to find!

Last night, we finished carving our pumpkins and placed them around Stubby. Then we had the chance to play a murder mystery game for Halloween. It was a little scary but it was fun at the same time. Before bed, we played some games!

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Foxy was spotted!

We went down to the Hide last night, under the display of fireworks. We were hoping this would not scare away the animals!

We had to be patient and quiet, waiting in the Hide.
Eventually, we got to see three foxes, one of which was a fixen and the other a cub.

Unfortunately, no sign of the badgers – fingers crossed we have an opportunity to go to the Hide on Thursday evening!

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Second Spooktacular day @ Stubby

All the photos in one place!

We spent the morning pond dipping, after our cabbage and porridge breakfast!

Starting in the classroom we learnt how ponds are formed naturally and what lives in them.
Then we headed out to Murky March And Windy Pond with our nets and mini ‘pools’.

This afternoon we went about finding evidence, for Mr Scarborough, that mammals live in the conservation area. Afterwards, we made 5-star hotels for the mice and shrews that live here.

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First day @ Stubby!

The children are really enjoying themselves and making new friends at Stubbington!

Today we built shelters to keep us dry from the hurricane after our plane crashed, but some of us still got wet! Afterwards, we used our map reading skills and deductive reasoning that rivals Sherlock’s to locate a secret message.

This evening we were finding out about all the animals that call Stubbington their home. We will be going to the hide on Tuesday evening after 9pm so fingers crossed that we get to see some nocturnal animals.

“Best school trip ever, but we are missing parents and family.”

“This day has been spooktacular and Kestrel Girls got soaked.”

“Today we had a clawsome day because we had to wrap a friend up!”

“This was so much fun! When we did the mummies and we were all together!”

All the photos in one place!

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Fairthorne Manor Residential

The Y6 residential to Fairthorne Manor was a great opportunity for the children.

More photos can be found here

More photos and videos will be arriving shortly!

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The Lost Chapters

In celebration of the BBC & Netflix collaboration of a new animated film of Watership Down, later this year. Year 4/5 have written their own chapters for the book that include the famous rabbits Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig with their enduring characteristics and emotions. I hope you enjoy reading their stories.

Get the eBook from Apple!

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School Governor comes to our rescue!

Reading our pirate maps!

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Year 4/5 perform the Last Supper with the washing of the disciples feet.

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Mysterious box!

What could be inside!