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Fairthorne Manor Residential

The Y6 residential to Fairthorne Manor was a great opportunity for the children.

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More photos and videos will be arriving shortly!

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The Lost Chapters

In celebration of the BBC & Netflix collaboration of a new animated film of Watership Down, later this year. Year 4/5 have written their own chapters for the book that include the famous rabbits Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig with their enduring characteristics and emotions. I hope you enjoy reading their stories.

Get the eBook from Apple!

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School Governor comes to our rescue!

Reading our pirate maps!

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Year 4/5 perform the Last Supper with the washing of the disciples feet.

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Mysterious box!

What could be inside!


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Author in School – Nicola Davies!

Her book Wild About Dolphins inspired Year 4/5 to create poetry!

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Thank you!

St. Mary’s play Gomer Jr.

Gomer Jr School was host to St. Mary’s football team this afternoon, which they won 4:1.

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Performing The Water Cycle Play

Water Cycle Play